Contemporary Authors Guide

Contemporary Authors

Contemporary Authors, a hardcover publication, provides biographical information about living and deceased writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, motion pictures, and television. Use the Literary Index (online) or Contemporary Authors Cumulative Index (Ref 920 C76, index) to locate any of the titles listed below:


R after # Contemporary Authors First Revision, Vols. 1-44
Vol. # only Contemporary Authors Original, Vols. 45-227
CANR Contemporary Authors New Revision Series
CAP Contemporary Authors Permanent Series, Vols. 1-2
CAAS Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, Vols. 1-30
AFAW African American Writers, Vols. 1-2
AFW African Writers
AMW American Writers
AMWS American Writers Retrospective Supplement
AMWS American Writers Supplement
AAYA Authors and Artists for Young Adults
BLC Black Literature Criticism
BRW British Writers
BRWS British Writers Supplement
BRWR British Writers Retro Supplement
BW Black Writers
CAD Contemporary American Dramatists
CD Contemporary Dramatists
CDBLB Concise Dictionary of British Literary Biography
CLC Contemporary Literary Criticism
CN Contemporary Novelists
CP Contemporary Poets
CPW Contemporary Popular Writers
CSW Contemporary Southern Writers
CWP Contemporary Women Poets
CWW Contemporary World Writers
DC Drama Criticism
DFS Drama for Students
DLB Dictionary of Literary Biography
DLBD Dictionary of Literary Biography Documentary Series
DLBY Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook, 1980-2002
EFS Epics for Students
EW European Writers
FANT St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers
FW Feminist Writers
GFL Guide to French Literature
HGG St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost, and Gothic Writers
HLC Hispanic Literature Criticism
IDFW International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers
IDTP International Dictionary of Theatre
LAIT Literature and Its Times
MAICYA Major Authors & Illustrators for Children & Young Adults
MAWW Modern American Women Writers
MSW Mystery and Suspense Writers
NCLC Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism
NFS Novels for Students
NNAL Native North American Literature
PC Poetry Criticism
PFS Poetry for Students
RGEL Reference Guide to English Literature
RGSF Reference Guide to Short Fiction
RHW Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers
SATA Something About the Author
SSC Short Story Criticism
SSFS Short Stories for Students
WLC World Literature Criticism
WP World Poets


Contemporary Authors multivolumes (call number Ref 920 C76)
Title of Multivolumes: Color of Volumes:
Contemporary Authors (CA) brown with black/gold trim
blue and black with orange bands
Contemporary Authors First Revision (R after volume number) brown with black/gold trim
Contemporary Authors New Revision Series (CANR) blue and black with green bands
Contemporary Authors Permanent Series (CAP) brown with red/gold trim
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