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American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
AHSGR is "An international organization dedicated to the discovery, collection, preservation, and dissemination of information related to the history, cultural heritage and genealogy of Germanic Settlers in the Russian Empire and their descendants." This site is maintained by Teri Helzer and provides an extensive array of topics from Membership to Obituary Files. Other areas within this site are Featured Website Pages and Important Pages of Interest Links.

The Amish, the Mennonites, and the Plain People
This Web site is a link from the 'Pennsylvania Dutch Country Welcome Center' and it gives an overview and history about the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. It provides tourists with detailed information about the Amish people. Other topics and categories included are attractions, tours, shopping, lodging, events and many more.

This site is dedicated to the "State Historic Site," Deutschheim in Hermann, Missouri. Deutschheim is a state-supported effort to celebrate and preserve German American culture. This site provides the history of Deutschheim, information about tour times, tourist shops, and special events that are put on for the celebration of German culture.

German American Corner: Online Publications
This page links to full-text works about German Americans.

German American Historic Sites and Museums
This is a page from the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis University Library Web site. Some of the links provide scholarly information about historic sites. Other sites are personal genealogical sites.

German Americana
German Americana is maintained Robert Shea, a high school German teacher. It provides a wide variety of links on German American topics, resources, and literature. Some sites included on this page are the Max Cade German American Center, Genealogical and Historical Resources, the German American poet Norbert Krapf, and many others. There are also links to U.S., Canadian, and Swiss immigrant/heritage sites.

The German Americans: An Ethnic Experience
This online version of a print publication, written by several well known German American historians, provides information about the history of Germans in the United States, their society, and their cultural identity and assimilation.

German Society of Pennsylvania
"The German Society of Pennsylvania, founded in 1764, is the oldest German organization in America." The Society has dedicated its efforts to "preserving the German cultural heritage" by sponsoring German events and awarding scholarships to students majoring in German. This site provides information on English and German courses offered, how to become a member, and a list of calendar events. Other links are to a German Library Catalog and a German American Radio Program.

The Germans from Russia Cultural Preservation Foundation
"The Germans from Russia Cultural Preservation Foundation (GRCPF) will gather, document, exhibit, preserve, publish, translate and make accessible through donations to existing historical institutions and research collections, resources on history, folklore, foodways, textiles, clothing and the culture of the Germans from Russia and their descendants in North America." This Web site provides various links to programs related to cultural preservation of the Germans from Russia and projects that have been established.

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection
The purpose of this collection is "[t]o collect, document, preserve, exhibit, translate, publish, promote and make accessible resources on the culture, history, folklore, foodways and textiles & clothing of the Germans from Russia, particularly Bessarabian Germans, Black Sea Germans, Crimean Germans, Dobrudscha Germans and Volhynian Germans and their descendants in North Dakota and the Northern Plains." Several photographs are linked at this site. Background information about Germans of Russian heritage is included.

The Germans in America
"This presentation provides information about immigration from the German-speaking world to the United States, and about the activities of German immigrants in the United States from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Information is contained in a chronology, bibliography, maps, photographs and other pictorial sources, links to the Library of Congress' American Memory project, and to relevant materials in Library of Congress exhibit, Religion and the Founding of the American Republic, and links to other Internet sites in the United States and Germany."

Germany and America in the 20th Century: A Hypertext Timeline
"This page was created by Edmund J. Sass, Ed.D., Professor of Education at the College of Saint Benedict/St. John's University." It provides a chronology of German American history in the twentieth century with summaries.

H-Net Book Reviews for H-GAGCS
This page links to reviews of books about German American history. The reviews are written by German American scholars.

IUPUI Max Cade German-American Center
This is one of the most reliable German American sites. This page is maintained by IUPUI University Libraries. This site provides various links to German American studies, full-text publications, international bibliographies, teaching resources, and much more. Also included is a link to Society for German Americans Studies.

The Migration and Expansion of the Brethren in America
This history of the Church of the Brethren is on an unofficial church Web site.

The Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920
This site contains "900 photographs of rural and small town life at the turn of the century. Highlights include images of sod homes and the people who built them; images of farms and the machinery that made them prosper; and images of one-room schools and the children that were educated in them." Search the site for the keyword German to retrieve photographs of German Americans in North Dakota.

Pennsylvania German Literature
Pennsylvania German is a dialect brought to the US by German immigrants. This site has a collection of "about 12,000 Pennsylvania German texts, written by more than 200 authors between 1835 and today." This site is maintained by Dr. Michael Werner and includes topics such as Archives, Genealogy, Registration, and a Gallery.

The Pennsylvania German Society
The Pennsylvania German Society "is a nonprofit, educational organization devoted to the study of the Pennsylvania German people and their 300-year history in America." This Web site offers information on becoming a member and current news happening in the society. There are topics that also give information about famous Germans and what the German dialect is.

Pioneering the Upper Midwest
This site "portrays the states of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin from the seventeenth to the early twentieth century through first-person accounts, biographies, promotional literature, local histories, ethnographic and antiquarian texts, colonial archival documents, and other works drawn from the Library of Congress's General Collections and Rare Books and Special Collections Division. The collection's 138 volumes depict the land and its resources; the conflicts between settlers and Native peoples; the experience of pioneers and missionaries, soldiers and immigrants and reformers; the growth of local communities and local cultural traditions; and the development of regional and national leadership in agriculture, business, medicine, politics, religion, law, journalism, education, and the role of women." Search the site for the keyword German to find sources that describe the lives of German Americans.

Shaping the Circle: German-Americans in Indianapolis: 1840-1918
"The 'Shaping the Circle' EXHIBIT is a five-part narrative with accompanying images and links to primary materials. Move through the Exhibit as it is presented or choose a particular section of interest from the Exhibit page. The Exhibit begins with a look at why people left Germany and settled in Indianapolis. It then discusses the influence of German Americans on three areas of Indianapolis culture: music, architecture, and physical education. Finally, it explores the cultural conflict that German Americans experienced and the steps they took to become acculturated. This Exhibit has been created for K-12 and the academic, research communities." This site is a part of the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis University Library Web site.

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