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American Indian History and Related Issues
The American Indian Studies Program at California State University hosts this site. The content includes art, photographs and video and sound recordings related to Native American history. The credentials of the site author are available on the main page.

Brief History of the Oneida Indian Nation
Examine the history, customs and story of the Oneida Indian Nation. The Welcome to the Oneida Nation page describes this site as the official Web presence of the Oneida Indian Nation.

Historical Maps of the United States
Several links to maps showing the location of early Indian tribe culture, linguistics and locations are available at this University of Texas Libraries site.

In the Beginning Was the Word: The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures
This Library of Congress site documents interactions between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Native Alaskans from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. The Credits: Funding and Staff for the Exhibit page provides credentials for the site.

Native American Authors
This site provides author, title and tribal information related to four hundred authors.

Native American Nations
This list of links to Native American nation information is maintained by Lisa Mitten, a librarian of 14 years at the University of Pittsburgh. The links are arranged alphabetically.

NativeWeb: Resources for Indigenous Cultures Around the World
This site provides links to many resources about a wide range indigenous cultures. Bibliographies are provided for many of the informational pages.

Tribal and Intertribal Resolutions and Papers
Access this source of information about Northwest Native American tribes available at the Fourth World Documentation Project. Another resource available at this site is the Treaties, Agreements, and Other Constructive Arrangements.

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